Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy Master ?

You can buy Master on our online on our web site

Do you ship to my Country ?

Yes we ship to all countries worldwide , By DHL from our factory in Asia

How fast can i get Master ?

We usually send Master by DHL , We need about 3 days to send it out .

After that it is in DHL hands and delivery days is around 5-10 Working days

Can i buy Master Locally ?

For now we have stores only in Europe

But you can always buy it online

How To Drive Master ?

Its Easy , to go forward just lean forward,  to break just lean  backward

How Long do i Charge Master ?

You can charge it for 3 hours

Does master have warranty ?

Yes the warranty is one year on Motors and Battery

How can I Pay For Mater ?

- PayPal
– Credit &Debit  Card
– Paysafecard
– Western Union
– Bank Account
– Money Grams


How Fast is Master ?

Master can make speed from 15-20kmh

Walt is Max Distance ?

Distance depends on your body weight the terrain and the speed , usually it is about 15-20Km

Is Master safe for my KIDS ?

Yes Master is safe it has speed protection and it is stable , however  you need to use it at your own responsibility

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